Uno Flash Rules

About Uno Flash

To begin an amusement, turn the diversion on and pick a setting – endless, 4 second, or 6 second time constrain. Every player is managed 7 cards and they initiate the red catch that is nearest to them.

The primary contrast you between Uno Flash guidelines and standard Uno rules is the diversion unit consequently chooses a player to begin arbitrarily. Play from that point on will arbitrarily rearrange to every player. Once in a while, a player will get 2, or 3 turns in succession. After a player plays their card they tap their catch to send the swing to the following player.

Another distinction is there are no "Turn around" cards, and rather there are "Slap cards". At the point when a player plays a slap card they hit the expansive yellow catch. At that point alternate players need to hit their own red catch. The slowest individual should draw 2 cards.


At the point when a player never again has any cards and the amusement closes, he gets focuses. All adversaries cards are given to the champ and focuses are tallied.

Every single number card are an indistinguishable incentive from the number on the card (a 9 will be 9 focuses)

"Draw Two" – 20 Points

"Invert" – 20 Points

"Skip" – 20 Points

"Wild" – 50 Points

"Wild Draw" – 50 Points

Similarly as with the first diversion, the main player to 500 focuses wins.

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