Mekorama Leval 19 - *Solved* Robo Rally Walkthrough

How to Solved Mekorama Game?

Mekorama Game : The riddle diversion Mekorama is as extreme as it appears to be intriguing. Excelling is truly intricate and you might need to see the arrangements when you are stuck for a really long time. It is another Android riddle which is exceptionally made for individuals who love conceptualizing.

As the level continues expanding, the trouble continues developing more. However, once you know the walkthroughs of the amusement, it then turns out to be truly straightforward. On the off chance that you feel you are stuck on the level 19 Robo rally for a really long time, don't stress you are not the only one. The level is very intense and we will give you a few answers for overcome it.

Answer for the Mekorama Level 19 Robo rally

Toward the starting, get to the external most squares in the green locale and venture on it. When you rise and after you descend, walk straight on to the way and hop on the piece precisely straight to the past square. At that point you would need to again walk straight from the square you got off and jump on the front one. You have to convey the same procedure till all the corner pieces are secured.

After they are done, you need to remain on the main box staying in the external framework. Go ahead to do likewise process and stroll over the square which is in the internal lattice until one piece rises and afterward you will be diverted to the inside piece which will imply that you have finished the level.

Mekorama Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Mekorama from maker Martin Magni is a beguiling puzzler highlighting a stout robot rearranging charmingly through mechanical 3D dioramas. The amusement offers 50 local levels alongside the capacity to make your own riddles or attempt to tackle those of different players. In case you're hoping to waddle through the diversion effectively, look at Gamezebo's tips, tricks and systems. In addition we additionally have some counsel specifically from The Great Magni himself to help you play the levels he composed and to assemble your own.

  • To begin with things without first your camera. On the fifth screen of the menu, turn "free camera" on. In the event that it's killed you can just turn the diorama 90 degrees at once which will make it extremely hard to see into specific segments of the riddle.

  • Point deliberately when making a beeline for little 3D squares with crevices around them. It is anything but difficult to overshoot and after that tumble off of your diorama with no real way to get back on. In the event that you do as such, you'll basically need to restart the level.

  • On the off chance that a part in the scene pivots, you can adjust on it at various points while it turns the length of you move gradually and deliberately. You will in the end tumble off, be that as it may, so just utilize it as expected to turn a corner or get to a steady stage.

  • You don't need to see the entire way before you to push ahead. For whatever length of time that there is no hindrance inside the area you can't see, you can tap an available square anyplace along the way you're attempting to advance through and your robot will progress to your goal piece.

  • In the event that it's not promptly clear where you have to go to achieve your objective, begin tapping around the pieces to see what's open (signified by a little sprinkle circle) and what's untouchable (meant by a red x). Your robot will move to whatever is open which will start to uncover how you ought to progress.

  • Before you start progressing through the muddled labyrinth like levels, figure out the labyrinth by following your way in reverse from the objective to the extent you would; this be able to will make a calculated objective that is nearer to your beginning stage and feels somewhat less troublesome.

  • In the event that you quit the diversion while you're sincerely busy chipping away at a level, your advancement isn't spared. Ensure you're prepared to begin starting with no outside help in the event that you quit.

  • On the off chance that you get stuck, any in-application buy in backing of the amusement (since all gameplay is completely free) will open up insights for all riddles.

  • There are vast approaches to make your own particular level, which can overpower. Take a stab at replicating a basic, early local level to perceive how it was manufactured and once you have the segments, swap out parts to make it remarkable. In the event that you need to begin without any preparation, have a go at building a stage of stable components with your beginning stage and closure point set up, then incrementally evacuate pieces and supplant them with impediments or moving parts.

Martin Magni's tips for local levels

  • Now and then the level name is a piece of information.

  • On the off chance that a range is dull and difficult to see, that is most likely by configuration; the arrangement won't be to look harder.

  • Red bots dependably turn 90 degrees right.

  • You're sheltered the length of you stay one square far from critics.

Magni's tips for building your own particular levels

  • Begin with a thought for a repairman. Fabricate something as basic as could be expected under the circumstances to test it. On the off chance that the thought works out you can do some last styling to make the level look incredible.

  • Ensure regions where the player needs to tap are effortlessly open. Levels where you stroll around a focal column work superior to anything levels where you stroll in a region encompassed by dividers.

  • The way out catch will trigger for any item, not simply B (the robot).

  • Toning it down would be ideal. On the other hand is that simply my own inclination?

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